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All students enrolled at Taiwan Tech have to pay a student safety insurance fee. The insurance  covers accidents or diseases which require medical care, including  reimbursements due to accidentscausing a student’s disability or death. 
The range of Insurance Coverage:

*   Out-patient clinic (only for accidents).

*   In-patient treatment.

*   Students suffering accidents or diseases in foreign countries.

Documents to be submitted when applying for reimbursement or payment under the student insurance policy:

  1. Application form. (Contact Taiwan Tech Life Guidance Division- 2nd Floor, Student Affair’s Office)
  2. Medical certificate.
  3. Hospital receipts (original or certified true copy.)
  4. Photocopy of bank passbook, ARC, and NTUST Student ID card
  5. Reimbursement or payment have to be applied for within 2 years after the accident or illness happened.
  6. Out-patient cases, hospitalization, surgery, or illness that requires observation for at least 6 hours, meets the requirement criteria for group insurance reimbursement or payment.
  7. If the accident or illness happened overseas, you will need to provide local medical certification and hospital receipts in English.

If you have further question, please contact miss Chang:kellychang@mail.ntust.edu.tw, or visit desk number 19 in Office of Student Affairs.