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Student Cafeterias Introduction

Taiwan Tech has two on-campus cafeterias (1st and 3rd cafeteria) that offer a wide range of food choices at prices ranging from approximately NT$50 to NT$200.

Food choices include: Breakfast, buffet-style lunch and dinner (Chinese cuisine), vegetarian buffet, noodle shops, Japanese cuisine, Korean cuisine, beverage shops, bakery.

As Taiwan Tech encourages eco-friendly dining, all food-stalls offer stainless steel tableware for inhouse consumption.

Opening hours of on-campus cafeterias and convenience stores:

Cafeteria I and III:  07:00 to 20:00, 7 days per week

7-Eleven:  07:00 to 24:00, 7 days per week

Family Mart and Hi-Life: 24hs, 7 days per week

Please note: Some food stalls are close on weekends and holidays. Please refer to Taiwan Tech Bulletin News, as business hours may be adjusted during the epidemic prevention period)



Discount on meals if you bring your own tableware.

Mobile payment is available at all restaurants.

Muslim-friendly services: Halal food stalls offer lunch and dinner in 1st and 3rd cafeteria every day of the week.


 Here you can buy food



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