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Psychological Epidemic Prevention

Dear faculty and staff of Taiwan University of Science and Technology:
The recent outbreak of New Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in Wuhan, China has risen, and your moderate anxiety and crisis are normal responses.
In cooperation with the government's medical and epidemic prevention measures,we must do a good job of personal health care, rest assured without undue doubt and panic,
protect ourselves and others, and believe that we can control the epidemic and escape the threat of infectious diseases together. Self-prevention SOP can help you stabilize anxiety:
(1) In the face of epidemics, the school should mainly take the announcement of the "Central Epidemic Command Center of the Ministry of Health and Welfare 
" http://at.cdc.tw/xP90P0, and the school's response measures should be based on the official announcement of the school and cooperate with relevant epidemic prevention. Measures.
(2) Keep open and scientific thinking, don't let fear and anxiety overwhelm rationality, maintain adequate sleep, rest and exercise, improve physical immunity, strengthen self-health testing,
and understand that isolation measures are to protect yourself and others.
If the anxiety and panic situation persists for one or two weeks, you can seek further help from a psychological or psychiatric professional (such as a psychiatrist, psychologist, etc.).
The following provides counselling channels for this group in response to the outbreak:
Contact: (02) 2736-8646
 EMAIL: talk2me@mail.ntust.edu.tw
Online appointment: https://stuaffairs2.ntust.edu.tw/Webcounseling/
Real-time online text chat: https://www.facebook.com/Talk2meNTUST/
I wish everyone can enhance their self-physical and mental epidemic prevention and restore
normal life and security!
The  Counseling Services Division cares about you