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【生活輔導組】NTUST 110 School Year (fall semester): Drawing Lottery for Dorm Short-time Stay Waiting List 臺灣科大 110-1 學期 學生宿舍短期床位遞補序號抽籤辦法(不限縣市別)


國立臺灣科技大學 110 學年度第一學期


NTUST 110 School Year (fall semester):

Drawing Lottery for Dorm Short-time Stay Waiting List



  • 符合資格:凡本校學位生(不限年級、不限國籍及戶籍地)未獲分配床位且一年內未曾遭退宿處分者,皆可參加。
  • 限制本校學位生已獲得宿舍床位曾遭退宿處分,符合任一條件者不得申請本次短期床位遞補序號抽籤,請勿參加!(違者將取消登記資料,不予列入本次遞補序號抽籤名單)。

A. Qualification: All students except for those who have been assigned a dorm bed in the fall semester of the 110 school year.

Note: If you have been assigned a bed or have been expelled from dorm, please DON’T apply to be put on the waiting list. (If you still register, your name will be deleted.)





三、登記時間:1101019()公告日至1025() 23:59完成表單登記,網址:https://forms.gle/cmADNMif35qCsn1s9


四、公告時間:1101028() 17:00於學務處網頁/最新消息公告短期床位正備取名單(含抽籤遞補順位)、繳費方式與入住資訊。

B. Application Process:

1. Lottery rules: Qualified applicants must complete the online form registration within the specified time. When registering online, you can choose the willing of dorm room typeOnly the new dormOnly the old dormBoth new and old dorm(priority: New dorm)Both new and old dorm(priority: Old dorm)] After the registration is all completed, a lottery numbers will be drawn out for each applicant by computer random lottery, and then the dorm room types will be allocated according to the applicant’s lottery number from small to large according to their registered willing of dorm room type.

2. Application period: Please finish the registration of the online form between October 19, 2021 (Tue.) and 23:59, October 25, 2021 (Mon.), link: https://forms.gle/cmADNMif35qCsn1s9 (Please keep a screenshot of the completed page for future reference when the form is filled in, just in case).

3. The final list and all the information you need including when to pay, how to pay, and how to check in will be announced before 17:00, October 28, 2021 (Thu.) in “News” on the Office of Student Affairs website.



110 學年度第一學期止(即11010301111月底

111 1 月底退宿流程及相關注意事項另行公告。

C. Period to Stay at Dorm:

The fall semester of the 110 school yearfrom October 30, 2021 (Sat.) to the end of January, 2022(The check-out process will be announced separately then.).






(以上費用已包含宿舍網路費;需另加 800 元住宿保證金)

D. Room Type and Price: (Calculated from November, only 3 months)

New Dorm (First Dorm) Six-people room (public bathroom): NTD 7,620.

Old Dorm (Second Dorm for Male) Six-people room (public bathroom): NTD 4,020.

Old Dorm (Third Dorm for Female) Six-person suite (private bathroom): NTD 4,200.

(The above fees have included dorm internet fees; an additional NTD 800 deposit is required)




E. If there is any delay in the application process, it will be announced in “News” on the Office of Student Affairs website.


陸、如有任何問題請洽詢學生事務處承辦人 6 號櫃檯 蔡先生


F. If you have any questions, please find Mr. Tsai at counter 6 of the Office of Student Affairs.

Emailgreen0823@mail.ntust.edu.tw / Phone(02)2737-6134

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