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NTUST 112 School Year (the first semester): Drawing Lottery for Dorm Short-time Stay Waiting List

NTUST 112 School Year (The first semester):

Drawing Lottery for Dorm Short-time Stay Waiting List

A. Qualification: All students except for those who have been assigned a dorm bed in the first semester of the 112 school year.

Note: If you have been assigned a bed or have been expelled from the dorm, please DON’T apply to be put on the waiting list. (If you still register, your name will be deleted.)


B. Application Process:

  1. Lottery rules: Qualified applicants must complete the online form registration within the specified time. When registering online, you can choose the willing of dorm room type【Both new and old dorm are fine (prefer: New dorm)/Both new and old dorm are fine (prefer: Old dorm)] After the registration is all completed and the data has been sent, it must not be changed. A lottery numbers will be drawn out for each applicant by computer random lottery, and then the dorm room types will be allocated according to the applicant’s lottery number from small to large according to their registered willing of dorm room type.
  2. Application period: Please finish the registration of the online form between September 18, 2023 (Mon.) and 12:00.P.M. September 22, 2023 (Fri.),   link :https://forms.gle/AbXQDfsDh8isMVif6 (Please keep a screenshot of the completed page for future reference when the form is filled in, just in case).
  3. The final list and all the information you need including when to pay, how to pay, and how to check in will be announced before 17:00, September 27, 2023 (Wed.) in “News” on the Office of Student Affairs website.
  4. If you give up without reason after winning the lottery, you will be restricted from participating in the dormitory registration for one year.

C. Period to Stay at Dorm:

     The first semester of the 112 school year【from October 1, 2023 (Sun.) to the end of January 2024】(The check-out process will be announced separately then.).


D. Room Type and Price: (Calculated from October, only 4 months)

  New Dorm (First Dorm) Six-people room (public bathroom): NTD 10,160.

  Old Dorm (Second Dorm for Male) Six-people room (public bathroom): NTD 5,360.

  Old Dorm (Third Dorm for Female) Six-person suite (private bathroom): NTD 5,600.

  (The above fees have included dorm internet fees; an additional NTD 800 deposit is required)


E. If there is any delay in the application process, it will be announced in “News” on the Office of Student Affairs website.


F. If you have any questions, please find Ms. Kiki at counter 10 of the Office of Student Affairs. Email:kiki@mail.ntust.edu.tw / Phone:(02)2737-6315


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