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【生活輔導組】國立臺灣科技大學111學年度暑期住宿申請辦法(Regulation for Dormitory Application During the Summer Vacation of 2023)

Regulation for Dormitory Application During the Summer Vacation of 2023

  1. The regulation is based on the School Dormitory Management Rules of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.
  2. Qualifications for application:
  1. Those who stay in the dormitory this semester.
  2. If you graduate before 6/26 ,you can't apply the dorm for summer.
  1. Regulations for application:
  1. International students: If you don’t stay in the dormitory during the summer vacation, please register online at https://forms.gle/xV88XGXiMbMv1rRz5 and move out before 11a.m., June 26, 2023. Your deposit will NOT be returned if you fail to clean your dorm room or delay to move. What you leave behind will be disposed of. If you don’t register online, it means that you agree to stay in the dormitory during the summer vacation.
  2. As soon as there is no dormitory room available, no further application is accepted. Besides, considering that stay at the dormitory lasts only two months, the fee is NOT refundable. Regarding public health and other factors, the school has the right to change your dormitory room. For example, students can be asked to move to another room in another floor. 
  1. Period of application: The online registration is available from 9 a.m., May 15, 2023 to 5 p.m., May 31, 2023.
  2. Payment and check in : Please visit https://eschool.firstbank.com.tw/member/index.aspx to either pay online or print out the payment slip to pay for your stay at the dormitory. Payment should be made between June 16 and June 25. If payment is late, your application will be cancelled and limit the eligibility to apply for the next semester.
  3. If you need further assistance, please turn to Mrs. Shang at the 11 counter in the Office of Student Affairs.

Contact information: 02-27376319 (phone); chunchi@mail.ntust.edu.tw (email)









https://forms.gle/xV88XGXiMbMv1rRz5 登記,並於112年6月26日1100時前遷出宿舍,宿舍清潔檢查不合格項目將扣住宿保證金,遺留物品視同廢棄物處理,未登記之境外住宿生視同願意暑期住宿。

二、本國籍住宿生:暑期需住宿者請依下列網址【特殊事由(112學年碩士新生)申請請勿登記】 https://forms.gle/cM6efYzpUujSzQ9K6登記。         






請於112年6月16日起至6月25日連結學務處首頁最新消息查看暑期床位分配至第一銀行學雜費繳費入口網站https://eschool.firstbank.com.tw/member/index.aspx    線上繳費或列印繳費單


柒、如有協助事項請洽學務處11號櫃台尚小姐辦理。    電話:02-27376319        Email:chunchi@mail.ntust.edu.tw


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